Our Process

At DECC by understanding your needs and working very closely with you we guarantee your satisfaction. Each and every step of the process has to have your approval, so there are no surprises.

Stage 1

3D MODELING: Creation of a detailed and accurate 3D model from you proyect


Project Information Request
  • Our process is versatile and we can adapt it to your needs. We can practically use any kind of file that you have to start creating the magic! From hand sketches, 2D Drawings or 3D models.
  • We just need information on the three dimension, and material finishes. Of course; the more information you can give us the better!

* Please make sure it is the most current information


3D Modeling
  • Once we have analized the information provided and fulluy understand the project, we start the modeling process.
  • To ensure a clean accurate, iterative geometry, we use the cuad modeling technique.
  • As soon as we are finished modeling the basic architectectural elements.

* We send WIP images for your approval.

We go from the project modeling to the 3D production of the visrtual reality scene to be rendered

Stage 2

3D SCENE: Creation


Material Creation
  • Thru samples and/or reference images we create texture maps and shaders. Then using physically based parameters, we can practically match any kind of finish that you proyect requires.


Scene Decoration
  • Here is where we add all those 3D props that help create the right feeling and atmosphere for the image.
  • This 3D elements like: trees, cars, furniture and entourage, are not part of the proyect but help create ambience and realism.
  • * Scene production approval of material finishes and over all lighting


Scene Lighting
  • Light is the new CG artist brush!
  • Thru natural and realistc lighting sources we make sure all the scene elements and materials are evident and easy to understand by any viewer. By adding color to this, light becomes also a very important composition element.


  • Once we are done with the 3D pre-production, thru art composition and photographic techiques, we search the best P.O.V. to express your ideas.
  • * Approval of the image to be rendered to final quality and resolution

Please review the materials, lights, 3D setting and framing.


Stage 3

2D IMAGE: Postproduction


  • To further improve the rendering results, in this stage of the process we add 2D FX and photographic elements that give more realism to the images and help further express your design ideas.


Image Enhancement
  • No image is finished until it has a cherry on top!
  • Color correction, contrast improvement and vignetting are some of the resources we use to give a final more cinematic and realistic look to the images.

* Post-production approval


Final Delivery
  • Thanks to the internet technology advancements, rest asure that we can deliver any kind of file any where in the world!!

Please check the final product before delivery

Our team of experts enhance

every proyect through art

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