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DECC Demo Reel 2020
Chapultepec UNO
Project: Taller G
Developer: T69
Location: Avenida Reforma, Mexico
Natuur Polanco
Project: Donis Arquitectos
Location: Polanco Mexico
New Student Residences
Project: Legorreta+Legorreta And Steimberg Architects
Location: Stanford, CA USA
Danat Al Emarat
Project: HKS INC, Dallas
Location: Abu Dhabi
El Bosque Residencial
Project: Taller G
Developer: Mexvisa
Location: Cuajimalpa, Mexico
Fort Worth Museum Of Science And History
Project: Legorreta+Legorreta
Location: Dallas TX, USA
Argone National Laboratory
Project: Flad Architects
Location: Illinois, USA

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